See what Low Fares can do for the national economy

The expansion of low-fare carriers in Europe shows that airlines like Norwegian have the potential to almost double total traffic volumes, creating hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of new jobs in travel and tourism-related industries in destination markets.

When Norwegian opened its direct route between Oslo and Dubai, total traffic volumes between those destinations doubled virtually overnight and have stayed at that elevated level ever since. The positive impact of low-fare competition is likely to be pronounced in the transatlantic market, which has historically been controlled by the three immunized alliances and where total capacity has not increased significantly over the last 3-5 years (although ticket prices have increased!).

Norwegian International’s entry to the transatlantic market will lead to an increase in passenger volumes that will support new jobs and economic growth. More transatlantic passengers means more hotel rooms booked, more restaurant meals enjoyed, more cars rented, more tourist attractions visited, and an overall more dollars and jobs in the U.S. economy.

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