Norwegian Air International – Giving Consumers an Environmentally Responsible Choice in Air Travel

It is in our country’s long-term interest—and simply the right thing to do — to embrace companies that offer the public better products in an environmentally responsible way. Norwegian Air International is one of those companies.

Norwegian Air Shuttle and its affiliate, Norwegian Air International, which is seeking authority from the U.S. government to provide transatlantic flights between the US and Europe, are at the forefront of airlines committed to reducing aviation emissions. Norwegian has announced a goal of lowering emissions per flown passenger by 30 percent by 2015 – a significant reduction. The Norwegian family of airlines is Europe’s largest customer of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner—the world’s “greenest” large commercial aircraft, equipped with new and innovative American technology that vastly reduces fuel burn and CO2. Along with its fuel efficient design, the 787 Dreamliner has the latest flight management systems allowing the most fuel efficient routes and a reduced noise footprint. These will help improve environmental performance of the overall aviation system. This state of the art environmentally friendly aircraft is the one that Norwegian Air International will operate between the US and Europe.

Norwegian’s commitment to an environmentally friendly fleet goes well beyond the Dreamliner. Norwegian Air Shuttle is the launch customer in Europe of the Boeing 737-MAX—Boeing’s next generation of single aisle aircraft, which reduces fuel use and CO2 emissions by 14 percent over today’s most fuel efficient single aisle aircraft.
With over 200 orders for new Boeing aircraft – this is exactly the type of environmentally conscious company that the U.S. should support. Norwegian Air International will enter as an environmental leader and a leader in providing passengers new and comfortable aircraft at much lower prices than the competition.
Norwegian Air International offers a win for everybody: for consumers who benefit from lower fares made possible by lower fuel costs, for a boost in U.S. jobs across industries, for the American economy that’s bolstered by foreign tourists who can now afford a trip to Disneyworld or Yosemite, and for the environment as a result of lower CO2 emissions.
Unfortunately, Norwegian Air International’s application to begin service to the US has been pending before the US Department of Transportation four times longer than the average application by a European carrier since the US-EU Open Skies Agreement took effect in 2007. Delaying this environment- and consumer-friendly airline from flying to America makes no sense. We urge the Department of Transportation to approve Norwegian Air International’s application. It is time to let them fly.

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