CNN Profile on Bjørn Kjos – “The man is a genius.”

Sure Kjos is accepted in the United States: – The man is a genius

CNN’s famous presenter Richard Quest believes it Bjørn Kjos has achieved a feat. He does not think the opposition will manage to win the license controversy in the United States.

-This man is a genius, no doubt, says Quest for E24.

-Kjos took this company and built it up to a violation fighting in competition with Easy Jet, Ryanair and others. That’s quite an accomplishment while simultaneously battling an entrenched government-controlled airlines, he says with reference to SAS.

Richard Quest, presenter of CNN is known for its travel application for business travelers and coverage of business news, does not hide his admiration for English boss.

Quests distinctive voice carries strongly through the rooms of The Thief property when he hits E24. Quest visits Oslo to lead a panel discussion about the role of government in economic policy at BI. Wednesday he interviewed finance minister Siv Jensen.

Between all the missions and meetings in Oslo stock CNN profile also an article about hotels in the Nordic region, with a whole team from the international news channel in tow.

– Getting your license

As an economics journalist Richard Quest followed closely the Norwegian’s growth and struggle for license in the United States.

With its new subsidiary for long-haul aircraft in Ireland, Norwegian Air International, Norwegian trying to get a license to fly to the United States.

The case has created a heated debate on both sides of the Atlantic. Both sides have launched a large lobby campaign to get their way.

On one side is Norwegian, local authorities, tourism interests and some politicians, and on the other are unions, competing airlines and other politicians.

Critics say airlines will benefit Asian cabin crew on low wages on routes between the United States and Europe. English rejects allegations of social dumping. The American Department of Transportation recently announced that they are delaying the processing of the application, precisely because of the complexity of the case has received.

-The problem is the timeliness

– I think what he is doing is innovation, says Quest for Kjos, and continues:

– The American companies are in the furor, the same with the unions, and they are referred to as a “virtual airline”.

– Do you think the unions, politicians and other airlines will be able to influence the Department of Transportation in Washington to say no?

– No, eventually he will get it. It may take a year or something, but he will be yes in the end.

– He’s just trying to make about the model, and he has been very good at. No one has clearly low on long-haul so far, says Quest.

– Does the offer to airlines on long-haul good enough for business today. They have no business class, is not on a network and lacks many of the major deals have?

– From city to city, he certainly is. I think he will arrange connection routes with time, says Quest.

– The reason I’m so sure of what I say about Kjos is that emerging market is what is called the fourth cabin, says Quest and refers to what is known as “Premium Economy” and explains how many controls into these spacious seats and avoids classic and expensive loungers on business.

Quest points out that there is a fly in the ointment for Kjos:

– I think his problem is timeliness.

He refers to all the delays, pointing out that Norwegian, unlike the big network companies do not have enough aircraft to just replace an aircraft on a flight, or sending passengers on a different route.

He points out that “the only reason” that we now have an opportunity to get to low investments in the long distance planes. He then shows the Boeing Dreamliner (787), which Norwgian uses, and Airbus’ new A350, which SAS ordered.

Both planes are built in new lightweight materials and reduce operating costs.

– The Chinese are coming

Quest says Kjos fighting against an airline industry that are in the “trenches”, where both Lufthansa and Air France is in the midst of major strikes. The latter managed to bring an end to the strike, without the parties actually managed to agree on Air Frances new low priority, he points out.

– Bjørn Kjos and Norwegian talking about that the real competition is the future budget initiatives from Asia to Europe. Is he right?

– He’s absolutely right.

– Do we know when they arrive?

– No, but it’s also not the point. They will come, but it’s still a while until the Chinese will come. They still have a home where they have great growth to handle.

Quest points out that companies in the Middle East, Emirates, Ethihad and Qatar, have already revolutionized the market for business travelers by plane and across the world via their hubs in the Middle East.

He looks at Kjos’ long-range efforts as the next major revolution in the industry.

Quest do not think American companies will try some low cost routes to Europe with the first, and that budget airlines which in this case will have to buy the new advanced aircraft from Airbus and Boeing first.

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