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New U.S. Cabin Crew Set the Record Straight on U.S. Jobs and Affordable Transatlantic Service

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More than 60 new United States-based Norwegian Air International employees have signed letters enthusiastically and unequivocally supporting new service by the airline to the U.S. Many of the new employees have deep experience flying with both domestic and foreign airlines, and are thrilled with the positive, energetic and cooperative work environment the airline offers.


“Norwegian Air CEO: ‘I Need Experienced Pilots and I Pay Them Well’” – The Street

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“Norwegian Air Shuttle’s ambitions worry rivals” – Financial Times

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Senior Cabin Crew Member: “We are revolutionizing air travel and it’s scaring people. And they should be scared cause we’re coming with low fares – and Dreamliners!”

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Norwegian’s Cabin Crew Member Shannon Memmelaar Loves Her New Job

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